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PPE Unite FAQs


Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the PPE Unite program for workplace safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is needed to sign up and how complicated is the process?
A: Our goal with the PPE Unite program is to make the sign up process as easy as possible. It's as simple as subscribing, completing a short registration form about your business, and then booking a time to pick up your PPE. That's it! Sign up here

Q: What kind of PPE is available?
A:  Available PPE may include N95 respirators, surgical 3-ply face masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, or face shields for each employee. Supplies are limited, and on a first come, first serve basis. Sign up here

Q: How much is available?
A: PPE supplies are procured in set quantities and limited on a first come, first serve basis. 

Q: What can the PPE I receive be used for?
A: The PPE given to small businesses is to be distributed and used amongst the staff and employees to ensure a safe work environment and to abide by local and state health safety guidelines. Use of the PPE should comply with applicable local health department and CDC guidelines and recommendations. Resale or redistribution of the PPE is strictly prohibited.

Q: What types of businesses and organizations are eligible?
A: Private businesses, nonprofits and organizations operating as a sole proprietor, partnerships, LLC, C or S-Corp, or micro-enterprises are eligible.

Q: Are nonprofits eligible?
A: Yes, nonprofits are eligible for the PPE Unite program.

Q: What PPE is required for my business?
A: The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, CDC, and public health officials recommend frequent hand washing with soap and water, use of face coverings for employees and customers, and use of hand sanitizer in between hand washing. Face masks are recommended for employees who operate with general public interaction, like restaurants, to provide additional protection and safety.

Q: I operate multiple businesses and locations. Do each of my businesses need to be registered for a separate subscription plan? 
A: Yes, each business and location must be registered for its own subscription plan.  This includes independently-owned franchises or branch offices, which are required to have a separate subscription plan. Your account will be suspended and eligibility revoked if these subscription rules are violated. 

Q: How does PPE Unite get PPE?  
A: The PPE Unite™ program works with key partners to procure supplies in order to support our PPE distribution efforts. Learn more about becoming a Supply Partner to support your efforts and the communities we serve. 

Q: How can I or my organization help PPE Unite?
A: Yes! Help spread the word and let other small businesses and organizations know about the program. The PPE Unite program also takes volunteers and accepts donations in order to support our PPE distribution efforts.

Q: Why are you charging a subscription fee? I thought the PPE was free.
A: The PPE we provide is free. The low monthly service fee you pay is NOT to purchase the PPE supplies, but to support our staff and operations to continue to carry out our community-based work. We are changing our service model to adapt to the economic times. In the past, this program was available only to Los Angeles County small businesses in specific industries with less than 100 employees on a one-time basis. With our new changes, PPE Unite can now support more businesses and workplaces of any size (subscription restrictions apply) regardless of geographic location with increased frequency of pickups.

Q: In the past I was only able to receive a one-supply of PPE, which we used quickly. Has this changed? If I already applied and received PPE, can I receive more? A: Yes, so glad you asked! Our new rules now allow you to receive more supplies, depending on your membership plan. If you need supplies monthly, weekly, or even more frequently, PPE Unite has got you covered. Unlike our previous program rules that only allowed recipients a one-time supply pick-up, PPE Unite membership plans give you more frequent access to supplies. 

Q: Can I request PPE without paying a subscription fee like before?
No. Due to our service model shifting, each business must subscribe to its own membership plan. The low subscription fee supports our workers and operations to continue our services. 
Businesses love our membership plans because they save thousands of dollars compared to directly purchasing supplies and it gives them the flexibility to pick up more.

Q: Can PPE supplies be delivered?
A: Currently, only our Peak membership plan offers delivery services. Plus and Pro memberships do not have a delivery option. 

Q: Are women-owned and/or diverse-owned businesses encouraged to sign up for PPE?
A: PPE Unite™ is committed to inclusion and diversity. We strongly encourage women, veteran, LGBTQ+ and minority-owned businesses to apply. A core part of our impact work is dedicated to actively connecting with high-need businesses and supporting diverse communities. 


Program Rules

Who Is Eligible

  • You must operate a private business, nonprofit, or organization regardless of size.

  • Your business must be located in California.

  • You must operate as a sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, S or C-Corp, registered nonprofit, or micro-enterprise.

  • You must be a valid subscriber to one of our membership plans. All eligible organizations are able to receive supplies & quantities based on their plan.

PPE Use & Compliance

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