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United for
Safe Workplaces

PPE & Safety Supplies for Small Businesses & Organizations

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Supporting All Workplaces

The PPE Unite™ program is a joint effort to give small business owners, organizations, and their workers access to much-needed personal protective equipment. This program creates access to PPE, promotes PPE use and education on safety, and provides additional resources for businesses. We need to work together to keep our local economy open and thriving for the health of our businesses, workers, and the community.

Get your supply of Personal Protective Equipment to keep your workplace compliant and employees safe. Sign up now to get PPE while supplies last.

PPE Works For Workers

PPE has been made available to California businesses, nonprofits, and organizations through our collaborative efforts with partners and donors.

PPE Unite is adapting to the economic times by shifting our service model. In order to continue providing access to safety supplies, PPE Unite is incorporating a monthly service fee to support our ongoing operation and staff. Access to safety supplies and convenient booking pick up will continue. Your participation keeps your workers safe and allows our program to give back and continue helping the community.


The PPE & testing will always be affordable and we are committed to lifting some of the financial burdens of having to buy safety supplies for your workplace.

Safer at Work

Safer at Work™ is a collaborative campaign where we provide free resources and signage designed to help businesses communicate to their employees and customers the critical steps they are taking in order to operate as safely as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic recovery.

Our goal is to build shared responsibility between businesses, employees, consumers and the communities they serve in order to keep each other as safe as possible while restoring our local, thriving economy.


If we work together, we will all get back to work safely.


Supplies For You & Your Staff

PPE supplies for your small business may include:

N95 Respirators (or KN95)

NIOSH rated (or alternative)

Non-sterile & OSHA certified

Face Masks

Non-medical 3-ply with ear-loops

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Disposable Gloves

Vinyl or nitrile disposable gloves

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Hand Sanitizer

8-16 oz. container with dispenser

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Face Shields

Clear PET with foam band & adjustment strip

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Test Kits

Self-collect COVID-19 PCR testing kits

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